IntraLase™ Blade Free LASIK – Syracuse, Watertown, Upstate New York

We offer the latest advances in modern technology to correct refractive problems and treat eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. For patients who seek to improve their vision, we focus on blade-free, all laser IntraLase™, LASIK, and Epi-LASIK at our Liverpool and Watertown offices in Central New York. Before our laser correction procedures, we map the patient’s eye using the Zyoptix™ system. Zyoptix™ maps each of the thousands of data points of the patient’s eye, providing our surgeons a detailed view of the shape of the cornea. This image allows the surgeon to measure any abnormalities in the way the cornea reflects light to provide an accurate laser correction procedure.

In addition to laser treatment options we offer corneal refractive therapy (CRT), a non-surgical process to reshape the cornea while the patient sleeps. This option temporarily corrects myopia (nearsightedness) in patients. For patients with cataracts, our experienced surgeons perform custom cataract surgery with premium implant lenses. Finally, we perform SLT for the treatment of glaucoma. To learn more about our technology, including IntraLase™, contact Syracuse Ophthalmological Consultants.

IntraLase™ Technology

To increase the comfort of our patients and reduce the risks of complications, we offer the IntraLase™ method of blade-free LASIK surgery to our patients in Central New York. This innovative all laser LASIK technique reduces the risk of flap-related complications commonly associated with traditional LASIK, including flap wrinkles and displacement.

While in the first step of traditional LASIK, a steel blade creates the corneal flap, blade-free IntraLase™ technology relies upon small pulses of laser light. The light travels over the top, epithelial layer of the cornea to create small even bubbles below the surface to a specified depth. Our surgeon then separates the tissue and creates the corneal flap. Once the procedure is finished, the flap falls back into its original position.

Syracuse Ophthalmological Consultants Proudly Features IntraLase™ Technology

Our surgeons perform the all laser IntraLase™ technique to minimize the risks associated with flap creation using a blade associated with the traditional LASIK procedure. To learn more about the IntraLase™ method, contact our offices in Liverpool and Watertown today.

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