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An innovative improvement of the traditional LASIK procedure, Epi-LASIK is an alternative for patients who have been told they were not a candidate for the traditional procedure due to corneal damage or another condition. Refractive surgeries like Epi-LASIK, permanently improves the vision of those who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism by reshaping the cornea. This improves the function of the eye while creating sharper vision. If you are interested in Epi-LASIK, contact Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants.

Are You a Candidate for Epi-LASIK

Ideal candidates for Epi-LASIK are those who have been told that they were not candidates for traditional LASIK due to thin corneas or a lack of tissue available to create the flap. Epi-LASIK requires much less corneal tissue to create the flap that gives the laser full access to the cornea. Epi-LASIK may also be an option for athletes who participate in contact sports, who typically are not ideal candidates for traditional LASIK.

Epi-LASIK procedure

The procedure for Epi-LASIK is similar to the traditional LASIK procedure, with the difference being that an epikeratome blade is used to make the corneal flap instead of a microkeratome blade. After the eyes are numbed with anesthetic eye drops, a very thin flap is made using a epikeratome. An epithelial separator separates the thin flap from the cornea and folds it back. An excimer laser reshapes the cornea by eliminating excess corneal tissue. Once this step is complete, the flap is replaced, and a bandage contact lens is placed on the eye to help the eye heal. You will begin to see results in about a week.

Contact Us to See if Epi-LASIK is an Option for You

Those who are not candidates for traditional LASIK due to thin corneas should contact Syracuse Ophthalmological Consultants to learn if Epi-LASIK is right for them. During a free initial consultation, we can recommend a refractive surgery that will fit your vision correction needs. Contact our Upstate New York offices for more information.

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