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Often occurring with age, a cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens is the part of the eye that, along with the cornea, focuses light on the retina. Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants focus on the treatment of cataracts for patients living in Upstate and Central New York. Using the latest innovations, we remove the damaged lenses of our patients and replace them with synthetic lenses. We can also perform the surgery if you have previously had LASIK to correct your vision. Contact our offices in Liverpool and Watertown to schedule a free initial consultation to see if cataract surgery is right for you.

What Is a Cataract?

Characterized by the clouding of the lens of the eye, a cataract can affect a single eye or both eyes. The clouding is actually clumps of protein that form on the lens of the eye. These protein clumps are caused by the natural wear that occurs as we age, though excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, diabetes and smoking can increase the risk of cataracts.

Cataracts often begin to develop when people in are in their 40s and 50s. Since they develop slowly, they may not begin to affect vision for a decade. For this reason, cataracts are not diagnosed in most until the clouding has progressed enough to alter vision and require surgery.

Types of Cataracts

Though age-related cataracts are the most common, there are a few other types of cataracts, which include:

Symptoms of Cataracts

While the most common symptom of a cataract is vision that is cloudy or blurry, other symptoms include the following:

These symptoms overlap with symptoms for other eye conditions. In order to efficiently diagnose and treat eye conditions, including cataracts, have your eyes examined regularly.

Treatment for Cataracts

Once the cataract has been detected through a comprehensive eye exam, a course of treatment will begin. While early symptoms of cataracts are treated with new or anti-glare lenses in eyeglasses or brighter lighting, cataract surgery is often the only option for lasting treatment. At Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants, we focus on premium cataract surgery and post-LASIK cataract surgery.

Premium Cataract Surgery

When the cataract has progressed to the point where it impairs vision, the damaged lens is replaced with a synthetic lens. Not all cataracts need to be removed; in some, the cataract progresses so slowly that it does not negatively impact your vision at all. Only those that interfere with your ability to drive, read, etc. or associated with another eye condition are replaced.

The procedure is done one of two ways. One technique uses an instrument with ultrasound technology to break up the cataract and suction the pieces out through an incision. The second technique uses tools to mechanically disintegrate the cataract and remove the pieces through a tiny incision in the eye. Once the cataract has been removed, an intraocular lens (IOL) is placed in the eye to act as your new lens. After the lens has been placed, the incision in your eye will heal.

The surgeons at Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants focus on custom cataract surgery, using the latest quality implant lenses, to correct and improve vision. Custom cataract surgery also eliminates astigmatism, liberating our cataract patients from glasses and contacts.

Post-LASIK Cataract Surgery

For cataract patients who have had LASIK surgery to correct errors in their vision, we focus on post-LASIK cataract surgery. Since our surgeons have experience with both the latest innovations and technologies in cataract and LASIK surgery, we understand the nuances of each procedure. Our surgeons will take your LASIK results and corneal measurements into account to find the best intraocular lens to replace the one affected by a cataract.

Find Out if Premium, Custom Cataract Surgery is Right for You

Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants focus on providing our cataract patients in the Upstate New York area the latest, state-of-the-art technology to treat and replace the damaged lens. Contact our offices in Liverpool and Watertown to make an appointment for a free initial cataract surgery consultation.

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