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Lenses affected by cataracts are often replaced with synthetic lenses that look and function like your natural lens. These artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs) are implanted in place of your natural lens. IOLs are permanent and require no additional maintenance. Unlike traditional implantable lenses, the latest IOLs are multifocal, meaning that they improve vision at all distances. For cataract patients with astigmatism, we offer toric IOLs, which offer the some of the same benefits as regular premium IOLs, but are suited to the unique needs of those with astigmatism.

We offer premium implant lenses to our patients in the Upstate New York region. These high technology IOLs include Crystalens® and ReSTOR®. Contact our offices in Liverpool and Watertown to learn more about the premium IOLs we offer.


Our surgeons offer Crystalens® IOLs to replace lenses damaged by cataracts. Crystalens® is a brand of premium IOL that can also help reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts. Instead of remaining motionless in the eye, Crystalens® flexes and bends with the natural focusing mechanism of the eye to focus your vision so that you can see clearly at all distances. Crystalens® effectively treats presbyopia, a refractive error that occurs naturally with age and is responsible for blurry vision close up.


We are happy to offer AcrySof® ReSTOR® premium IOLs to our cataract patients having lens replacement surgery at our Liverpool and Watertown offices. Like Crystalens®, ReSTOR® improves vision at all distances, reducing dependence on reading glasses. The ReSTOR® lens uses concentric rings to evenly distribute light so that your eye can focus at varying distances. While the rings in the center are thick and help your eye focus on objects close up, the outer rings are thicker to focus on objects far away.

Toric IOLs

For cataract patients with astigmatism, we offer toric IOLs. These IOLs help reduce astigmatism and improve the clarity of vision. Astigmatism causes the cornea of the eye to have a more oblong, rather than spherical, shape. This causes vision to become blurry. Since the shape of the cornea is wider, a lens that adheres to this shape is needed. The toric IOL replaces the diseased lens while sharpening and improving your quality of vision.

Contact Syracuse Ophthalmologic Consultants to Learn More About IOLs

We are proud to provide our cataract patients in the Syracuse and Watertown areas quality, state-of-the-art premium IOLs, including Crystalens® and ReSTOR®, to replace natural lenses damaged by cataracts. To learn more about IOLs, contact our office today.

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